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Għaxaq is a village in the Southern Region of Malta, with a population of 4,722 people as of March 2014. It is mainly a residential area surrounded by land used for agricultural purposes. The village’s name is probably related to the noble family named Axiaq (also spelt Axiak or Asciak) which had feudal lands in the area in the fourteenth century, or it may be derived from the Maltese word meaning delight.

The village’s main church is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary, popularly known in Maltese as Santa Marija, which is therefore the village’s patron saint. Celebrations take place annually from 30 July to 15 August. A secondary feast is celebrated on the week before the first Sunday of June. This is dedicated to Saint Joseph, husband of Mary. He is also the saint patron of the church. During these feasts the village is decorated with highly artistic statues and colourful lights and banners.